REDCap Shared Library

The REDCap Shared Library is a repository for REDCap data collection instruments and forms that can be downloaded and used by researchers at REDCap partner institutions. Curated instruments have been approved for inclusion by the REDCap Library Oversight Committee (REDLOC) after review for research relevance, accuracy in function and coding (see guidelines), and copyright issues.

You may search below for any available data collection instruments. If you got to this site directly, you will be able to view the shared instruments as they would appear in REDCap or view a PDF version that can be downloaded and/or printed. Otherwise, if you arrived here from the REDCap application, you will have the additional option of importing the form directly into REDCap. If you wish, you may download a list of all library instruments in Excel/CSV format. If you download and utilize an instrument from the REDCap Shared Library, please cite the RSL manuscript. If you have questions or are experiencing issues, please contact

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