Furthering the work of the software development team is a powerful network of experts known as the REDCap Consortium. As a new licensed partner and REDCap software administrator, you gain access to an established support system to help manage your local REDCap installation as well as your institutional end users and collaborators. Consortium members contribute their expertise and assistance to each other, free of charge.  They monitor and provide responses to a variety of general and complex administrator questions on a daily basis.

These volunteers also support the group through leadership at the annual conferences; chairing and serving on active committees and special project groups; regularly attending and participating in webinars; contributing developed REDCap instruments and training materials; sharing custom external modules; and providing valuable input for software testing, development, new features and new applications.  The REDCap Consortium is made up of a variety of members ranging from non-technical administrative support specialists for their own institutions to leading informatics specialists in the greater research community.  The Consortium has been referred to as a very unique collection of individuals who are extremely personable, caring and dedicated to the mission of REDCap.  Everyone who is a consortium member is encouraged to participate as both consumers and contributors, no matter how large or small the role. 

The REDCap team at Vanderbilt manages and provides access to a number of consortium support tools including:

  • REDCap Community, a knowledge management platform for software downloads, important documentation, support Q&A, and more.  Open to registered administrators only.
  • Weekly all-hands web meetings that cover a variety of topics including the latest REDCap news from the Vanderbilt REDCap team and consortium members; how-to sessions and demonstrations from Vanderbilt; support models and interesting use cases from consortium members.
  • Weekly consortium assistance web meetings with the lead developer for additional technical and administrative support when conversation is needed for a specific issue.
  • Committee and group logistical support as needed to assist with committee tasks and goals.
  • Annual REDCapCon face-to-face meeting for team building, networking and educational opportunities.
  • Personal guidance to resources through
  • REDCap Mobile App support through

The REDCap Consortium is a vital and growing community with many opportunities to lead and serve. Your involvement level, however, is completely up to you.  Feel free to address any questions about the REDCap Consortium to