Join & Get REDCap

How do I get REDCap at my local institution?

REDCap software and support are available at no charge to institutions that join the REDCap Consortium. Software, support, and documentation are provided via the internal Consortium portal (accessible only by partners). The consortium is active, and we typically hold a virtual all-hands meeting each Friday to discuss new development, prioritization, outstanding support issues, etc. Attendance is not required, but we have found this to be an effective way to learn about upcoming software features, hear consortium announcements, and solicit new ideas and feedback. Volunteers have contributed ideas for new modules, documentation, business models for supporting institutional projects, module testing resources, and technical support for new members.

REDCap is not difficult to support (one support person can manage hundreds of projects), but there are infrastructure requirements (PHP web server, MySQL database server, etc.). For a list of infrastructure requirements and dependencies, please see the Software Tech Requirements page. Interested institutions will need a technical person (or team) for installing and maintaining the software, as well as an administrative person (or team) who will provide day-to-day assistance to your REDCap end-users. The technical staff will need to be affiliated with your institution, not a third-party software vendor or service provider.

Although REDCap is available at no charge, it is not open-source software. Before an institution can join the consortium (and then obtain the REDCap source code), a valid end-user license agreement between Vanderbilt University and your institution must be executed. Since institutional policies vary, acknowledgment or direct consent of the Director of Technology Transfer or General Counsel may be necessary. Please check with your Technology Transfer Office or General Counsel Office to obtain the appropriate signature necessary to execute this end-user license agreement. You may begin the electronic end-user license agreement below.

How to obtain the REDCap software and join the consortium:

1.) Prior to submission, view the REDCap End-User License Agreement.

2.) Complete the Electronic End-User License Agreement.

If you are interested in using a hosted REDCap solution for industry-sponsored trials requiring 21 CFR Part 11 validation, please see REDCap Cloud for more information.

For more information on REDCap or becoming a consortium partner, you may contact the Vanderbilt REDCap Team at