REDCap Community Site

REDCap Community is an online platform for software downloads, extensive technical documentation, a question/answer forum, consortium announcements, committee activities, events, and more. It is only open to registered REDCap administrators from current partner sites. The Community website provides a forum for interaction and dialog about REDCap-related topics with REDCap administrators around the globe. Participation is optional, but is highly recommended.

AnswerHub site for REDCap Community

The Community site is a technical resource available only to the REDCap administrators/IT staff supporting each REDCap system. Its primary focus is the installation, maintenance, and ongoing support of REDCap across the consortium. REDCap administrators, not end-users, handle those things, so only REDCap administrators can leverage Community. It’s not an end-user forum, and it doesn’t have resources related to project development, study design, data management, or statistical analyses.

A login is required to access Community. This is provided to an organization’s REDCap administrators after joining the consortium. A limited number of Community accounts are available for each organization; it isn’t an open or unregulated platform.

Lack of activity on the Community site may cause a temporary deactivation of an account. If you are an administrator with an existing account and you are having trouble logging in, please email with your name, the email associated with your Community account, and your Community user name (if available).