REDCapCon 2024 will be hosted by Johns Hopkins in St. Petersburg, Florida on September 8-11, 2024. Visit to learn more.

About REDCapCon

REDCapCon, our annual REDCap conference, is a three and a half-day event which offers educational and networking opportunities to REDCap administrators around the world. REDCap administrators perform a variety of functions at their institutions including technical support of the installations, end user training and support, account management, and institutional marketing of REDCap.

With these types of responsibilities in mind, the Vanderbilt REDCap team designs conference programming that is relevant and useful for supporting REDCap in a variety of environments ranging from a ”one-person shop” to large teams of individuals who share responsibilities. Programming is also designed around heavy interactive attendee participation with strong leadership by some of our most active and talented consortium members. Opportunities for motivated attendees include pre-conference content planning sessions, formal conference presentations, breakout session leadership, workshop leadership, and contest participation such as training materials competitions, interesting use case challenges and poster competitions.

The inaugural REDCap conference took place in 2009, with a little over 40 attendees. REDCap Day, as it was formerly called, was a one day workshop held at Vanderbilt University, the home of REDCap, and was offered to the 63 institutional and non-profit partners that comprised the REDCap Consortium. Since then, the exponential growth in adoption of REDCap has also been reflected in the conference growth, including event length, programming, attendance and variety of locations. Consortium sites who have hosted in the past include Mayo Clinic, University of Colorado at Denver, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Utah, Oregon Health and Science, Duke University, Weill-Cornell Medical College, University of Chicago, and co-hosts B.C. Children’s Hospital and Island Health. Sites often compete for the opportunity to host by providing detailed proposals  and fun presentations to the group for evaluation and voting.

The increasing number of attendees each year includes not only mainland U.S. partners, but also a considerable number of international partners. International attendance continues to rise each year and has included administrators from multiple participating countries including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Japan, China, Kenya, Luxembourg, Singapore, Brazil, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Canada, Denmark, South Korea, Iceland, South Africa, Belgium, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Gambia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, Angola, Israel, Australia, and more. Since our most significant partner growth has been in the international realm, we anticipate the number of international attendees and the number of countries represented to continue to climb.

Programming for REDCapCon is designed to assist attendees in the successful support of REDCap and its end users at their home institutions. Educational opportunities continue to expand as new ideas are implemented each year based on past attendee feedback, current group interests, and new developments in REDCap.

Through this evolutionary process, however, we are careful to maintain what continues to be the most important outcome of this conference – the fostering of relationships and collaborative work among colleagues. The atmosphere for the conference is casual and fun and lends itself to networking opportunities while maintaining the necessary structure for an event with growing attendance numbers. Attendees leave knowing that they are valued members of a team, contributors to REDCap’s success, and not just consumers of the product. Everyone has something to offer if they choose to do so. Their participation as active consortium members is important to the overall success of REDCap. Conveying the message through this face-to-face experience has proven to be quite effective.

REDCapCon hosting sites

2023: Seattle, WA (University of Washington, Institute of Translational Health Sciences)
2022: Boston, Mass (Harvard Catalyst)
2021: Online/virtual via Zoom
2020: Online/virtual via Zoom
2019: Vancouver, Canada (BC Children’s Hospital and Vancouver Island Health Authority)
2018: Chicago, IL (University of Chicago)
2017: New York City, New York (Weill Cornell Medicine)
2016: Durham, North Carolina (Duke University)
2015: Portland, Oregon (Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute)
2014: Park City, Utah (University of Utah School of Medicine [Biomedical Informatics] and University of Utah College of Nursing)
2013: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Penn University of Pennsylvania)
2012: Cincinnati, Ohio (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center)
2011: Breckenridge, Colorado (University of Colorado, Denver)
2010: Rochester, Minnesota (Mayo Clinic)
2009: Nashville, Tennessee (Vanderbilt University Medical Center)

2019 REDCapCon Vancouver