REDCap Secure Messaging

REDCap has the capability of utilizing a Protected Email Mode in any REDCap project to increase the security of certain outgoing emails from the REDCap system that might contain sensitive information, such as PHI (Protected Health Information) and PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

What is REDCap? If you arrived here after receiving a secure email message via REDCap and do not know what REDCap is, click here to learn more about the REDCap system and how it is used for data collection throughout the world.

How it works. REDCap’s Protected Email Mode operates by evaluating if an outgoing email’s content is deemed sensitive, and if so, it will not send the email content to the recipient’s inbox but will instead send them an email with a private link to a REDCap webpage to allow the recipient to view the email’s content securely inside REDCap.